Instruction for use

  • Calculate powder quantity: PPM x Liter / 1000 = Grams.
  • Example: 2500 PPM x 0.5 Liters / 1000 = 1.25 Grams.

  • Concentration PPM:
    1 ppm = 0.001 g/L
    10 ppm = 0.01 g/L
    50 ppm = 0.050 g/L
    75 ppm = 0.075 g/L
    100 ppm = 0.10 g/L
    150 ppm = 0.15 g/L
    200 ppm = 0.20 g/L
    250 ppm = 0.25 g/L
    500 ppm = 0.5 g/L
    750 ppm = 0,75 g/L
    1000 ppm = 1 g/L
    2000 ppm = 2 g/L
    2500 ppm = 2,5 g/L

    How to prepare:
    GA3 Powder 90% is soluble in 70% common rubbing alcohol. Before it can be used is must be turned into a liquid. The amount of Gibberellic acid that needs to be used is very small. Drop the correct amount of powder in a small bottle, then add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. The only reason to use alcohol is to dilute the Gibberellic acid powder. Use just enough alcohol to wet the gibberellic acid powder. If after a couple of minutes you can still see some powder add a few more drops of alcohol. Then just add water to get the right concentration. It is often being said that alcohol will damage plants. Yes, but not in the very low concentration needed to dissolve Gibberellic acid. 90% GA3 powder will not dissolve in water. Once mixed it loses viability within a week, even if refrigerated.

    what concentration should I use?
    -Use 250 ppm on seeds that are just hard or slow to start
    -Use 500 ppm, on very hard germinate seeds
    -Seeds enclosed in a hard coat may be submit to a higher concentration, 750-1000
    -For a creating a Bigger plant & long stem use 2500 ppm
    -Effect on sex expression of male flowers is generally promoted by concentrations of 10 to 200 ppm
    -Effect on sex expression of Female flowers by concentrations of 200 to 300 ppm
    -Increase in the number of flowers by direct application of GA3 to young plants, at 25 ppm

    how to apply
    Solutions should be applied on plants as a foliage spray aiming for drip down coverage, seeds can be soaked for 2-24 hours. There is a great deal of variation in plant responses to concentration. It is important to also feed your plants with fertiliser when using a Gibberellic treatment.

    For more Information on GA-3 and seed germination:
    Your best source of information on the germination of seeds is ‘Seed Germination, Theory and Practice’ by Norm Deno. It lists 4000 species and gives pretreatments if any, and detailed instructions on the use of GA-3. This will absolutely increase your success with seeds!

    ‘Seed Germination, Theory and Practice’ by Norm Deno